History | Modern South Asia: 18th-20th Century
G350 | 27278 | Dodson

Above class carries Culture Studies credit
A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to undergraduates and Education MA’s only

The region of South Asia (including the countries of India,
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and several others) is home to
more than a billion people, a myriad of cultures and languages, and
one of the world’s largest economies.  But this is also a very
troubled region of the world, with high levels of poverty, a number
of unstable states, little economic integration, and the potential
for nuclear conflagration.  This course is intended to provide
students with an understanding of the complexity of this region of
the world, and the roots of many of these problems, through an
examination of South Asia’s long experience as an imperial territory
of Great Britain (ca. 1750s to 1947).

The course will examine issues such as the 100-year rule of India by
the East India Company, the world’s first multi-national
corporation; the ways in which India was changed by British colonial
rule; and the independence movement led by M. K. Gandhi.  Weekly
readings will include a variety of primary sources, including
colonial documents, novels, and nationalist pamphlets.  We will also
examine the history of the subcontinent through a range of visual
material presented in class, including art and architecture, as well
as a number of films.

Students will be evaluated on the basis of both written assignments
and examinations.