History | Europe: Napoleon to the Present
H104 | 11275 | Kenney

Above class carries Culture Studies credit
Above class open to freshmen, sophomores and Education
undergraduates only

Democracy, nationalism, imperialism, liberalism, fascism, socialism,
communism: these are words we use in everyday discourse, but do we
really know what they are, and how they look in practice? What are
the causes of world wars, revolutions, and authoritarian regimes,
and how do people make them happen, experience them, and bring them
to an end? There are many approaches to these questions; one of the
best is through the history of modern Europe, where these ideas and
practices have found such intense expression, and whose wars and
revolutions have changed the world. In this course, we will examine
the major trends of European history from the early nineteenth
century through the Iraq War.  We will keep our focus on comparative
themes, rather than on the details of individual countries. Not the
least of the goals of this course is to understand just why European
History is still such a central part of any curriculum.