History | Imperial Russia/Russian Revolution
H640 | 10613 | Eklof

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to graduates only

This course provides introductory readings on major developments and
events in the history of Imperial Russia, beginning with the Great
Reforms [1861].  This will be followed by common readings of recent
or seminal  monographs and articles on selected themese [I will draw
up these themes, but will also be open to modfifications suggested
by the class].   Students will individually asked to do extra
readings on two of these themes, and provide a report
contextualizing the work at hand.   Some themes and works i have in
mind are: Dilemmas of Russian statehood;  war and society in late
Imperial Russia; the critical intelligentsia; peasantry and peasant
life;  the "decline" of the nobility; political mobilization; civil
society; gender, masculinity and sexuality; the Stolypin Reforms and
the Duma Experiment; Russia and the Outbreak of World War I; 
Education and Society.  
Schedule and Requirements:
Weeks 1-6 Independent Guided Readings covering basic developments
and themes                  
Weeks 7-14  Selected Themes and Repor
A list of required purchase monographs will be provided, and the
selection of themes will be negotiated via Oncourse during the first
six weeks. 
Requirements:   Students can choose between writing 2 papers @10
pages, and expanding one of these papers into a 25 page final
bibliographic or critical essay; or writing 4-6 responses @1.5 pages
single space, and taking a final oral exam