History | Introduction to 18th Century Studies
H699 | 15581 | Wahrman

Above class open to graduates only
A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class meets with ENG-L 680

This course aims to give students a broad introduction to
interdisciplinary work in the eighteenth century. The course will be
divided into units that investigate some of the narratives that have
governed study of the period (e.g. secularization and the place of
God; commercialization; the so-called rise of the novel) and compare
the methodological approaches that underwrite these narratives.  A
subsequent unit of the course will raise the question of the Euro-
centrism of most constructions of the eighteenth-century. The final
section of the course will take up the theme of “Sensing and
Feeling: The Embodiment of Experience in the Eighteenth Century,” in
preparation for the class’s participation in the May 2007 Workshop,
sponsored by IU’s Center for eighteenth-century studies.  

Students will be asked to undertake an extensive course of reading
and to complete an number of short assignments, including one small
project of independent research.

This course is a requirement for the PhD minor in Eighteenth-Century