History | Central Asia in the 19th Century
H775 | 29773 | Sela

Above class meets with CEUS-R 710

This research seminar is designed for each participant to devise and
complete an original research project related to the history of
Central Asia in the nineteenth century, thereby advancing your own
research agenda. Research topics may be associated with any aspect
relating to the Central Asian polities of the era, sedentary and
nomadic peoples and groups, and the emergence of imperial and
colonial rule in the region. Each participant is required to
research and write an article-length paper based on primary source
materials (principally in  but not limited to - Persian, Turkic,
and/or Russian). The paper may result in a draft for a publishable
article, a conference paper, or in progressing toward the
dissertation stage.

Class Schedule

Our first 4 weekly meetings as a group will be dedicated to the
introduction of the major themes in Central Asian history and
historiography in the 19th century by reviewing a small number of
select readings that may serve as conceptual or methodological
models for your own research. These meetings will help us evaluate
the significance and accessibility of potential sources and types of
sources, and we will also introduce and make use of the extensive
material and digital resources for the study of 19th-century Central
Asia housed in the Denis Sinor Research Institute of Inner Asian
Studies here on campus.

We will meet again as a group toward the end of the semester for
students to present their research. Most of the semester, however,
will consist of participants working individually to research and
write their papers. During this period, you are expected to have
regular one-on-one meetings with the instructor.

Tasks and Deadlines:

By week 5: a research proposal outline, including research questions
and an annotated bibliography [25% of the overall grade]; by week 9:
a detailed research report, including a comprehensive outline of the
first draft [30%]; by week 12: first complete draft; by week 16:
final draft [45%].