History | Europe and the World since 1945
H799 | 27299 | Kenney

Above class open to graduates only

Research in any area of the world since 1945 poses particular
challenges of conceptualization, source location, and source
analysis; it also raises questions about the relationship of the
researcher to the topic. How can one research without access to
archives? What place do oral histories, news accounts, or public
documents have in serious research? What are the boundaries between
national/comparative, international, transnational, and global
histories? This course is designed to be of interest to anyone
working in the period since 1945, including areas beyond Europe; it
should be appropriate for any regional field requirement. Readings
will include examples (book and article length) of work in post-1945
history, as well as some primary sources; discussions as well as the
choice of readings will be shaped in part by the research interests
of the participants. The goal of this course, as of any research
seminar, is to produce an article-length (25-30 pp.) paper based
upon original research.