History | Mexicans and Americans
J300 | 12796 | Guardino

Above class COLL intensive writing section
Above class open to undergraduates only
A portion of the above class reserved for majors

This course will explore the cultural history of the relationship
between the US and Mexico.  We will concentrate our investigation on
key problems and events, including the peopling of the area that
later became the American Southwest, the US-Mexican War, US
investment in Mexico and the Mexican Revolution, the popular image
of Mexico in the United States, Mexican immigration to the United
States, and free trade.  Avoiding diplomatic history, we will read a
variety of primary sources including accounts written by Americans
who encountered Mexico and vice versa.  The class will pay close
attention to images of Mexico and the United States in popular
culture on both sides of the border, including how Mexicans see the
US and vice versa.  The class will combine lecture, discussion, and
movies or other visual sources.

Evaluation in this class will be based on participation and a series
of short papers.  We will read a variety of texts by historians,
social scientists, travelers, and journalists.