History | Latinos and the American Dream: Narratives of Migration & Community
J301 | 11515 | Nieto-Phillips

Above class reserved for teacher certification Social Studies
Enrollment in other Education courses required.
Contact Dorothy Slota, Education 1064 for online authorization and
Above class COLL intensive writing section

This course will explore the experiences of Latino and
Latina immigrants in the U.S. by way of first person accounts--
including memoirs, oral histories, and autobiographies. Is there
such thing as el sueño americano? What does it mean to "become
Mexican American?" Why has immigration been such a
defining experience in Latinos' lives and individual identities?
These and other issues--such as citizenship, language, gender and
immigration laws--are major themes running through the writings that
we will explore. This is a reading-intensive and writing-intensive
course that will challenge us to view Latina/o history through the
lens of first-person narratives and memory. To that end we will
study the conceptual challenges and opportunities of teaching
history. Admission to this course is restricted to participants in
the 21st Century Teachers Program.  Graded components will include
several short (3-5 page) writing assignments, student-led
discussions, and a final research assignment that involves the
elaboration of a lesson plan.