Honors | Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program (AAAD)
A298 | 31084 | M. Seigel

2nd eight-weeks class

This class is designed and framed to create a space for honest
dialogue and real exchange between the "inside" and "outside"
students. It is the authenticity of this exchange that makes Inside-
Out unique. The result is a constructive dialogue that inspires
participants to generate new ideas and fresh solutions to problems
related to crime and the administration of justice. By encountering
one another in a safe and respectful context, all participants are
challenged to re-evaluate cultural stereotypes, resist
generalizations, and fully meet one another as fellow members of the
same society. Some of the goals of the program are to place a human
face on justice issues and to change the tone and attitude of public
opinion toward incarcerated individuals, one person at a time.
Learn more at: http://www.insideoutcenter.org/home.html