Honors | Great Problems and Great Decisions
H204 | 29150 | David Rubinstein

MW 9:30-10:45am
HU 111

Kings and gangsters, astronauts and truckers, you and me - - we all
face great problems, and we all need to make great decisions, but
Nobody does, except in the movies.

But we can.

What is a Great problem? How can we tell when a decision is Great?
We will see how some important writers, philosophers, and leaders
have addressed these questions. Readings will likely include Mark
Twain, Michael Roberto, John Kennedy, Chan Kim, and Stephen King.
We’ll also view a film or two.

We will define problems, identify alternatives, make rules, and
break rules. We will make decisions to solve many cases. We’ll
spring from the darkness with Sherlock Holmes as evil approaches.
We’ll try to dominate the internet with Google, build the 2010
Winter Olympics with the Vancouver Organizing Committee, save the
dying hospice, peddle no-name cans of creamed corn in San Antonio,
and more - - all through no-nonsense Harvard MBA cases (and a
Stanford MBA case).

We want to do, as well as learn. How ambitious is our project? Your
decisions and actions are going to change the world in 13 weeks.

Class format: directed discussion, including a “so you think you can
lead a seminar” challenge. Contributions to class discussion are
expected of all students.

Required work: A variety of writing assignments including some brief
responses, some quizzes, a few short essays, a final - - and the