Honors | Ideas & Experience I (HON)
H211 | 11371 | Richard Burke

TuTh 4:00-5:15pm
HU 108

Our themes for the semester are justice, the just society and the
just person. We will begin with several Greek plays including The
Oresteia, The Theban Plays, and Medea. We will see what Plato has to
say about the just society and the good life in The Republic. We
will read The Book of Job and selections from the Gospel According
to Matthew. We will accompany Dante and Virgil on their great
journey through The Inferno.

Shakespeare will provide us with two explorations of justice and
mercy in The Merchant of Venice and King Lear. We will read two
plays by George Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion and Major Barbara. We will
have the opportunity to see Major Barbara on stage at the I.U.
Theatre in March.

We will visit the IU Art Museum once or twice to explore different
perspectives on the themes and ideas that we are reading about and

Throughout the semester we will consider such questions as: what
constitutes a just society?; what are the characteristics of a just
person?; What is the relationship between free will and fate or
destiny?; and is a certain amount of injustice and unfairness