Honors | Politics and the Internet (HON)
H304 | 27324 | Jeffrey Hart

Th 1:00-3:30pm
HU 217

This is an undergraduate intensive writing seminar designed to
foster original research by students. It identifies the issues,
stakeholders, and forums for debates over political issues connected
with the Internet (and related information and communications
technologies). We will be reading books and articles by authors who
have thought deeply about this topic and will be conducting our own
research on some issues. Among issues to be considered are: the
domain name system, restrictions on the use of file-sharing
software, privacy, e-government, e-democracy, e-society, e-commerce,
e-crime (e.g., identity theft, cyber-stalking), Web 2.0, social
networks, and net neutrality.

The written assignments for the course will be a midterm and final
examination, a book report, and a term paper. Grades for the course
will depend on grades for the midterm (20%), book report (10%),
seminar participation (10%), term paper (30%), and the final
examination (30%).