Honors | From the Big Bang to the World Wide Web (CLLC)
L230 | 26072 | Kathy Schick, Nicholas Toth

TuTh 4:00-5:15pm

This class also meets with HON-H 230.

Where did we come from? How did get where we are today? Where might
the human species be going in the future? This course will cover the
100 most important events in cosmic, terrestrial, organic, and human
evolution in ten nested time scales. We will consider the Big
Bang and the origins of the universe, origins of the earth, origins
of life, evolution of more complex life, the extinction of the
dinosaurs and rise of mammals, human evolution, the rise
of farming and urban communities, and human technological and
cultural developments through time. We will also make predictions
and speculate about important events in the future. The course text
will be Maps of Time: an Introduction to Big History by David
Christian. This course will include lecture and class discussions,
video footage, and examination of actual materials such as
extraterrestrial objects, geological specimens, fossils,
and human artifacts.