Honors | Senior Honors Seminar: Politics and Film (TEL)
S451 | 13354 | Erik Bucy

Tu 5:45-8:30pm
TV 169

Politics & Film is a survey of the American movie landscape,
examined using a political lens. The course reviews and critically
analyzes films directly about politics, films that have a political
message, and films that are so overtly political that they can
rightfully be categorized as propaganda. Within these broad
categories of films, several genres will be reviewed: political
documentaries, political allegories, political science fiction,
politically oriented war films, and state-sponsored propaganda.
Throughout the semester, the course will focus on both the political
content and political intent of films within these different genres.
In addition, the course will explore the broader meaning of
political film within its social context and will take stock of the
political economy, or market positioning and profitability, of films
with political themes. Other topics addressed include film
criticism, the political environment of film, the filmmaking
process, governmental, corporate, or military constraints on film
productions, the history of political films in the U.S., so-
called “classic” political movies, and the audience for political
film—as well the likely effects of films on audiences.