International Studies | Introduction to International Studies
I100 | 8197 | Lindley, T.

Objective of the Course:

This introductory, interdisciplinary course exposes students to the
principal essential issues, scales, perspectives and modes of study
in International Studies. Students will gain an international
perspective and understanding of critical global issues, current
thinking on those issues, and possible solutions to those issues.


There are 100 possible points in this course. There is a midterm
that accounts for 20 points, a cumulative final that accounts for 25
points, and an annotated bibliography that counts for 5 points. The
remaining class points derive from your discussion sections. The
final course grade uses the standard US grading scale: 100-90 points
=A, 80-89 points = B and so on. Plus and minus grades are given at
the breaks, e.g. 90 and 91 are an A- and 99 and 100 are an A+. Your
scores are available for viewing on OnCourse. Note that I do not
answer emails sent via on OnCourse, but I will on occasion send
messages to you via OnCourse – not exactly an egalitarian policy –
my apologies!


There is no text book for this class, since no suitable textbook
exists. You do have assigned readings available by clicking the
appropriate link on the electronic syllabus.  You may also access
the readings via the IU Libraries Electronic Reserves. Your password
is “ISrocks.” Readings should be read before you come to class on
the day they are listed in the course calendar below.

Other Policies:

You will do better in this course if you come to class, but I don’t
take attendance. If you do come to class, don’t read newspapers in
class, talk with those sitting next to you, study for that test you
should have studied for last night, text, or talk on your cell

Academic misconduct will be dealt with in accordance with university
policy. Always remember that you can be expelled for academic

If you must miss class, you will need to get notes from a classmate.
I do not give out copies of the notes. If you must miss an exam
(acceptable only in the most serious circumstances), I will need to
be notified prior to the exam, and a written excuse is required in
order to authorize a make-up. Make-up exams are always all essay. If
you are in a unique situation for one reason or another, I would
like to be informed at the beginning of the semester.  You may speak
to me in private or send an email explaining your situation.

Try to have fun in class (learning should be fun) by participating,
but always be respectful of your classmates.


I do not claim ownership of the truth.  Nor do I offer expertise on
all things international.  If your experience(s) in particular
places of the world can be insightful to class discussion, please
feel free to share.  There may not always be a convenient place for
you to sit during the class lecture, so please arrive on time.