International Studies | Culture & Arts: International Perspective
I201 | 8199 | Kousaleos, N.

Oncourse:  This syllabus, class announcements, assignment guidelines
and other relevant materials will be placed in the resources section
of our course page.  If you miss class, please check here for
anything you may have missed.

Course Description and Objectives:  As an introduction to the
Culture and the Arts concentration in International Studies, I201
provides a framework for students as they pursue further coursework
in the major.  Rather than survey the world’s cultures and arts, the
course will explore issues, methods and materials for the study of
culture and the arts cross-culturally and internationally.  It will
introduce the theoretical concept of the arts as forms of cultural
expression and representation.  Among topics to be covered are
public culture and artistic representation, the political economy of
culture, and globalization.  We will examine the role of the arts in
the formation and transformation of identity.  We will also analyze
the mechanisms and institutions through which the arts and culture
are disseminated locally and globally.

We will use a combination of theoretical and ethnographic readings
to investigate these core issues.  Most of the course will be
conducted in a seminar format with ample time for discussion of the
material.  Students will also have the opportunity to develop their
own questions through a fieldwork assignment.

Learning Goals:

•	To become familiar with questions and debates surrounding
core course issues
•	To learn different approaches and methods for conducting
research on culture and the arts
•	To apply ethnographic methods to a uniquely designed
research project
•	To examine the various ways individuals and groups construct
identity as they represent themselves through their cultural arts.

Readings, Participation, Late Work and Absence Policy:

Class Readings and Participation: Course readings are all available
through E-reserves.  Each reading should be read for the class
period under which it is listed.  Students are strongly encouraged
to take notes on readings to facilitate discussion and
understanding.  Class lecture may not summarize every reading, so
make sure to ask questions if necessary.  I will do my best to make
each person comfortable to participate.
Absences: No more than 2 absences will be permitted without point
deduction from participation grade. You must attend class  to fully
participate in the course.
Late Work: All papers must be handed in, in person, to the
Instructor on the day due. Late papers will be deducted 5 points per
day late, papers will be accepted only up to 1 week after the due
date for assignments.
Learning Disabilities: If you feel you need assistance in this area,
please visit Disability Services for Students (DSS) on the web at You can also contact DSS by phone
at 5-3508. Please let me and Jeana know at the beginning of the
semester if you are using these services and need special
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process at several centers across campus. For more information, call
855-6738 or see In the
evenings, please contact the Academic Support Centers  in Briscoe,
Forest, and Teter residence halls, these centers provide walk in
help Sunday-Thursday with study skills, test preparation and
writing. In Teter, writing tutors are available who specialize in
ESL issues. Please see link for more:
Communication:  I strongly value communication and I will be best
able to help you if you let me know what you need.  I believe in
creative problem solving, so talk to me before a problem gets too
great to resolve.
Assignments/Grading (1000 points)

Response papers (2 @ 2-3 pages)	10%
Exams (Midterm & Final)		30%
Fieldwork Proposal			15%
Fieldwork Project			30%
Participation				15%