Jewish Studies | Contemporary Israel: Ethnicity, Society & Religion
J203 | ALL | Y. Turner

JSTU-J 203 Arts & Humanities Topics in Jewish Studies (3 cr.) Yossi

Topic: Contemporary Israel: Ethnicity, Society and Religion

MW 2:30-3:45 p.m. #26922

(15 seats have been reserved for Jewish Studies students in # 29291.

The goal of this course is to familiarize students with ways in
which of some of Israel's most important intellectuals consider the
problem of relations between religion, state and ethnicity in
Israel. While the thinkers to be discussed include educators,
philosophers, a retired president of Israel's Supreme Court and a
politically involved rabbi, the line of inquiry that will be pursued
will be the same for all. We will explore their positions regarding
the nature of Judaism as a religious, social and cultural phenomenon
as well as their conceptions of an ideal society and the meaning of
a Jewish state-hood in contemporary world history.

Fulfills: History & Society or Religion & Thought course; A&H