Labor Studies | Labor and the Political System
L203 | 14118 | William Mello

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LSTU-L 203 Labor and the Political System 3 cr hrs; Class Number
14118. The political system in the United States presents serious
difficulties which labor must overcome in order to protect the
interests of working people.  This course deals with American
politics  from the vantage point of workers and the labor movement,
with a focus on the 2004 presidential election.  We will begin by
looking at the variety of political strategies used by labor from
the early 1900s to the present.  We will analyze the historical role
of labor and socialist parties in U.S. politics. The class will
analyze and critique the political system on such subjects as the
role of money and big business in politics, the role of advertising
in campaigns, how campaigns are run, and why people donít vote.
Finally, students will participate in a research group studying key
issues in the 2004 election and report back to the class in the
final weeks of the semester.  Research topics might include: Taxes
and working people; Globalization, trade, and jobs; the minimum
wage, the living wage movement, and income inequality; and labor law
reform.  Instructor:  William Mello, LSP, IUK.