Labor Studies | Labor Issues in Television
L290 | 12695 | Nissen, Scott

LSTU-L 290 Labor Issues in Television 1 cr hr; Class Number 12695;
5:45-8:25 PM, Thursday, WH007. Class meets March 25, April 1, 8, 15
and 22.  Labor issues have produced some of the most dramatic
events, not only in American history, but also the history of the
world.  Because of this, the plight of workers has also been the
foundation for popular television programs and some films.
Specifically, political satirists have produced some of the more
entertaining pieces about labor issues, but also those with the most
biting social commentary.  This course is designed to introduce
students to labor studies through analyzing political satire on
television and one film.  No prior knowledge of film study or
political satire is necessary to take this course or understand the
subject matter.  Instructor:  Scott Nissen, Political Science, IUB.