Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Religion of Ancient Egypt
N304 | 26035 | Vinson

In this course, we will survey Egyptian religion from the Early
Dynastic period (ca. 3050 BC) into the Graeco-Roman period and
beyond. We will examine the Egyptian conception of the nature of the
gods, the origin of the universe, ethics and morality, mythology,
the divine nature of kingship, state and personal religion, cult
praxis, mystery and initiation, and the synchronization of Egyptian
religion with other traditions, especially in the Graeco-Roman
period.  We will rely as much as possible on primary sources in
translation from the Egyptians’ own large corpus of religious
literature, including: the Pyramid Texts, Coffin Texts, Book of the
Dead, Gates, Book of Caverns, etc., daily ritual and magical texts,
myths, wisdom literature, hymns, and autobiographical inscriptions.