Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Islamization in Inner Asia
N695 | 29729 | Devin DeWeese

This course will examine the process of Islamization in Inner Asian
history in an effort to understand the distinctive character of
Islam in the regions of Inner Asia in which it became a major, or
dominant, religio-cultural force. Introductory lectures will
consider approached to religious change and "conversion," and will
outline the geographic, ethnic, and political contexts in which
Islamization occured in Inner Asia; the balance of the course will
focus on specific historical and regional cases of Islamization,
examined from a variety of perspectives, with emphasis upon
interpreting indigenous accounts of the process and its significance
in the light of both Islamic and Inner Asian patterns of religious
meaning and ritual.

Undergraduates will take a midterm (30%) and a final exam (40%), and
will write a brief report based on outside readings (30%). Graduate
students will take both exams (30%, 40%) and submit a research paper
or other suitable project to be approved by the instructor (30%).