Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Seminar in Classical and Modern Arabic Literature
N707 | 26032 | Stetkevych

Poetry Texts and Translations will emphasis on the grammatical,
philological, and aesthetic aspects of academic and literary
translation of Arabic poetry into English and, to a lesser extent,
of English poetry into Arabic. Class time will be devoted to the
accurate reading, interpretation, and translation of a selected
group of classical and modern poetic texts, as well as on individual
and group projects on texts of the students’ own choosing—which can
include selections from literary-poetic compendia, maqamah, verse
plays, etc. As a class project, we will prepare an English-Arabic
poetry reading evening for the NELC National Poetry Month program.
Students will also prepare a final research project in English or
Arabic to be presented in oral and written form.

The class will be conducted in Arabic and English

Prerequisite: Knowledge of classical Arabic and permission of
instructor is required.