Philosophy | Phenomenology and Existentialism
P335 | 13299 | Spade

Topic: Jean-Paul Sartre's "Being and Nothingness"

This course will focus on Sartre's "earlier" philosophy to about
1946, concentrating on his monumental work "Being and Nothingness."
Other readings will be from Husserl's "The Idea of Phenomenology"
(for background) and from Sartre's "The transcendence of the Ego."

The primary emphasis in the course will be on Sartre's metaphysics,
epistemology and philosophy of mind; his ethics will be treated only
insofar as they are a corollary of these other concerns (as Sartre
himself treats them in these works). Some themes to be covered: the
nature of consciousness, its "constitution" of the world, the
metaphysics of human freedom, critique of the Freudian theory of the
unconscious, the nature of time, other minds and our relation to
them, existential psychonalysis.

There will be a series of weekly short quizzes of a quite "objective"
type, over matters of terminology and details of the theory. In
addition, there will be a term paper, and two examinations of the
"essay" type, a midterm and a take-home final. Questions for the
take-home final will be distributed the first day of class.

Required texts:

* Jean-Paul Sartre, "Being and Nothingness" (Pocket

* Jean-Paul Sartre, "Transcendence of the Ego" (Noonday).

* A course packet that will be available at Mr. Copy's at
10th and Dunn.

Recommended text:

* Jean-Paul Sartre, "Existentialism Is a Humanism." (Yale
University Press). Students who have taken my P135 course will
already have this classic essay in Walter Kaufmann's "Existentialism
from Dostoevsky to Sartre." That version will be sufficient, but I
recommend this new and improved translation.

Earlier versions of this classic essay will do,
but I recommend this new and improved translation.