Political Science | Election 2010
Y200 | 20310 | Wright

Elections are pure politics.  They are also absolutely essential
features of any democratic  political system.  This course examines
how, and how well, elections work in America.  Election  2010 is an
introduction to voting, campaigns, and governing in America with a
special emphasis on the upcoming midterm elections.  These are
particularly important, because the outcome of the congressional
elections will be a huge factor whether the Obama administration will
succeed in its policy goals and the general directions of national
policy. At stake are what the nation will do in key problem areas such
as climate change, immigration, and regulation of the economy.
The class sessions will be mix of lecture/discussion, various media
and some appearances by various folks involved in electoral politics.
Reading will run about 25-30 pages per session and there will three
examinations.  There will also be a term project focusing in-depth on
a single state or congressional contest.  The course has no
pre-requisites, but knowledge of the basics of American politics, such
as that covered in Y103 would be helpful.