Political Science | Religion and International Politics
Y200 | 9889 | Shively

This course analyzes the politics of religious interaction and
movement across borders.  It draws upon an array of scholarly and some
popular writings to examine major global phenomena like frictions
between religious zones, religious challenges to a) the modern secular
state and b) globalization, and activism amongst global religious
In turn, the course concentrates on two major issues for scholars,
policy-makers and citizens alike: 1) international religious extremism
and violence and 2) religious influences on  and targets of  U.S.
foreign policy.   Specific topics covered along the way include
Evangelical activism and ideologies, religious terrorism, Zionism and
anti-Semitism, and the India-Pakistan rivalry.

Course requirements include weekly quizzes and three response papers.
Quizzes will be multiple-choice and cover material from both the
readings and lecture/discussion.  Papers will require students to
critically engage a specific question related to the course and draw
upon course concepts, recommended readings and outside sources.