Political Science | Introduction to the Study of Politics
Y570 | 9905 | McGinnis

This seminar is designed for first-year graduate students in the
Ph.D. programs in political science and public policy. Students will
be exposed to a broad overview of the discipline of political
science. Particular emphasis will be placed on the foundations of
scientific research (theories, models, hypotheses, variables), along
with many illustrations of the ways in which research is conducted
in different subfields of political science. The core text is W.
Phillips Shively, The Craft of Political Research. Students will be
expected to identify examples (from material covered in other
seminars) of the components of scientific research covered in this
text. We will also have a few sessions devoted to discussions of
basic questions in the philosophy of science, the history of
political science as a discipline, and other topics relating to the
professional development of aspiring scholars. Readings will be
substantially less demanding than in other graduate seminars, and
students will be required to submit a draft overview of their plan
of study for upcoming years, including at least some basic ideas
about possible dissertation topics.