Political Science | Comparative Politics: Advanced Industrial Democracies
Y657 | 9907 | Hellwig

This seminar introduces participants to a range of issues facing
analysts of politics in Western Europe and, more broadly, advanced
industrialized democracies. Therefore, this class is not just a
survey of West European countries. Rather, it uses the “OECD”
democracies of Europe, North America, Japan, and the antipodes
as “testing grounds” for different theories and approaches employed
by political scientists, sociologists, and economists. The seminar's
thematic focus will change from week to week, with particular
attention on the themes of democracy, representation, and responses
to economic change.  Specific topics include political institutions,
elections and electoral systems, political parties and party
systems, political culture, public opinion and mass politics,
organized interests and producer politics, public control of the
economy, social policy and the welfare state, and the fate of the
nation-state in an era of globalization and economic change.  Course
requirements include participation in seminar discussions, short
response papers on the readings, a term paper/research design option
on one of the course topics, and a final exam.