Psychology and Brain Sciences | Topical Seminar: Mood Disorders
P657 | 10946 | O'Donnell, B.

Topic: Mood Disorders
This course will be an inquiry into the nature and treatment of mood
disorders. Mood disorders include major depression, dysthymia,
bipolar disorder, and cylothymia.  These mental illnesses result in
great personal suffering, disability, family stress, and social
cost.  The causes of most of these illnesses are unknown, although
pharmacological and behavioral treatments are available. Our
approach to understanding these disorders will draw on scientific
research from many disciplines. Topics for each illness will
include: 1) History, classification, and diagnosis, 2) Clinical
features and course, 3) Subjective experience and social/cultural
impact, 4) Epidemiology, 5) Genetics, 6) Cognitive disturbances, 7)
Biological correlates, 8) Behavioral and pharmacological treatment,
and 9) Etiology. Grades will be based on participation,
presentations on topics, and one paper.