Psychology and Brain Sciences | Seminar in Cognitive Psychology
P747 | 27022 | Pisoni, D.

In this seminar, we will consider a number of current theoretical
problems in speech perception and spoken word recognition.  We are
interested in how words are organized and stored in the mental
lexicon and how they are recognized from various sources of
information in the speech signal.  We will review and critically
analyze Logogen Theory, Autonomous Search Theory, LAFS, Cohort
Theory, TRACE, Neighborhood Activation Model (NAM), SHORTLIST, PARSYN
and several other current models of word recognition.  Central to our
approach is a concern for frequency, density and context effects in
spoken word recognition and the interaction of various knowledge
sources employed in spoken language processing.  We will also
consider the role of "indexical" properties of speech and discuss
some recent investigations of spoken word recognition that suggest
that these attributes are important for speech perception and long-
term retention of lexical representation of spoken words.