Religious Studies | Problems in Social Ethics: Religion, Ethics, Philosophy and Politics
R473 | 13846 | R. Miller

The above cousre carries A & H distribution. Meets a Critical Issues
tradition in the RS major.

Topic: Contemporary Religious Ethics

This course will survey the rise and development of religious ethics
as a subfield in religious studies, starting in the early 1970s and
proceeding into the present.  We will carry out close readings of
recent works that have shaped and moved the field.  Readings will
likely draw from the work of Gene Outka, John P. Reeder, Jr., James
Childress, Sumner Twiss and David Little, James Gustafson, Jeffrey
Stout, Robert Gibbs, John Kelsay,Aaron Stalnaker, and Lisa Sideris.
Each of these authors has developed arguments and paradigms of
inquiry that have expanded the questions, sources, and methodologies
of religious ethics.  We’ll examine their work in detail and explore
how normative inquiry is moving across the domains of religion,
culture, politics, and science.