Religious Studies | Studies of Religion in American Culture: Martin Luther King, Jr & Malcolm X in American Religion
R532 | 14787 | S.Johnson

This graduate seminar examines the religious thought of Martin
Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz).  The
course comparatively analyzes the lives and theologies of Martin and
Malcolm in order assess how they leveraged religious ideas in the
American and international public sphere to effect religious,
political, and cultural transformations.  The class includes careful
attention to the biographies of these two figures.  But larger
cultural themes such as the relationship between religion and
violence, modernity and identity, nationalism and gender, FBI
surveillance and anticolonialism, and theories of Diaspora and
transnationalism will be addressed.  In addition, methods of
historiography and culture theory will be emphasized in research
projects.  Video and audio materials will be used in the course to
expose students to media recordings of Martin and Malcolm.

The course includes a comprehensive blue book exam.  Students will
write a publishable book review and will produce a research essay of
publication quality.