Sociology | Society & the Individual (3 CR)
S230 | 25960 | Jackson

6:00PM-8:30PM	W	BH 103

Social psychology is the study of the influences on, and
consequences of, social interaction.  This course will introduce
students to theory and research that has been systematically
developed in an attempt to understand individual and group
behavior.  The knowledge that you gain from this class can be used
in a variety of professional settings including business, law,
criminal justice, education, medicine, sports, and many others.

The course is divided into four broad sections.  We will first begin
with an overview of social psychology, focusing particularly on the
major theories and methods used to study social psychological
phenomenon.  Next, we will study the process of socialization and
the development of the personís self-image or identity.  Here, we
will discuss how the person comes to view self as well as their
perception of others.  The third major section focuses on attitudes
(including prejudice).  The last area concentrates on group
processes, including such issues as conformity and the dark side of
close relationships.