Sociology | Topics in Social Policy: Your Life in the Non-Profit World (3 CR)
S360 | 25964 | Cornell

6:30PM-9:00PM	M	BH 217

Above class is a service learning course

Liberal arts graduates are uniquely qualified to create and find
jobs in the world of not-for-profit organizations. You have often
have a wide vision, a commitment to social justice, lots of
experience writing and developing ideas, and a good sense of how to
bring people together into organizations which can deal effectively
with social and intellectual issues. In this class you will examine
non-profit organizations in the arts, social service, health care,
and other fields in the United States and across the world; learn
how non-profit organizations are created, and what roles they fill
relative to for-profit and governmental organizations; and
investigate the history of their development. You will learn how to
create a non-profit organization, including mission, finances, grant
writing, creation of a board of directors, and publicity. As a final
project each of you will design her or his own non-profit