Sociology | S370 Research Methods in Sociology (3 CR)
S370 | 10090 | Greer

1:00PM-2:15PM	TR	BH 305

10091	9:05AM-9:55AM	W	BH 308		Greer
10092	10:10AM-11:00AM	W	BH 308		Greer
10093	11:15AM-12:05PM	W	BH 308		Greer

We are surrounded by the social world and we use many strategies for
making sense of that world. Social scientists have developed
systematic methods for gathering information about the social world
and the main goals of this class are to introduce you to some of
these methods. We will learn these methods from reading research
that uses different methods, from conducting mini-data collection
projects in class and lab, and in designing a more in-depth project
on a topic of your choice. Whether you plan to continue your work as
a sociologist in graduate school or to find a full-time job,
knowledge or research methods is a valuable skill that should be use
to you in many different settings.
Research methods can be one of the most interesting and useful
classes you can take as an undergraduate sociology major, because
this is where you begin the ”hands on” experience of doing research.
Like a medical student who finally gets to see patients, this is the
course where you finally get to start doing systematic social
research rather than just reading about the work others have done.
When doing research there are rarely absolute right or wrong
answers. Instead researchers must weigh a series of decisions and
evaluate the consequences of those research decisions when
interpreting their results. This course will thus have a strong
emphasis on having you wrestle with many of the types of decisions
researchers have to make and thing through the consequences of those
Class and lab periods will include a mix of lecture, discussion,
and hands-on activities and the course will emphasize using
different methods and struggling with the decisions you need to make
when designing and conducting a research project.