Sociology | Statistics for Sociology (3 CR)
S371 | 10094 | Bartley

1:00PM-2:15PM	MW	BH 209

10095	9:05AM-9:55AM	T	BH 107		Bartley
10096	10:10AM-11:00AM	T	BH 107		Bartley
10097	11:15AM-12:05PM	T	BH 108		Bartley

This course is designed to develop your quantitative analytic skills
by teaching you how to understand, apply, and interpret basic
statistical techniques.  We will start with descriptive statistics-
that is, techniques for analyzing data in a sample by summarizing
variables and finding relationships between variables.  We will then
cover inferential statistics, where the goal is to make some
conclusion about an entire population based on observing only a
small part of that population (a sample).  In addition to covering
the logic of statistics and developing your skills at interpreting
quantitative data, the course will provide some practical experience
working with SPSS (a widely used data analysis package).
This section of the course will provide an opportunity to work with
new data from a survey of IUB students.  The survey focuses
on "sustainability"--in particular, the environmental literacy,
attitudes, and practices of IU students and the connection that
these issues have to daily life.  For students interested in
sustainability (broadly conceived in terms of both ecological and
social dimensions), this class will provide valuable experience with
relevant data.  Even if you have no special interest in
sustainability, you will benefit from being able to work with new
data on a population that you can relate to--namely, your fellow IU