Sociology | Advanced Topics: Social Organization: Intergroup Conflict (3 CR)
S410 | 25966 | Benard

9:30AM-10:45AM	MW	BH 137

Obtain on-line authorization for above class from advisor in BH 749
Conflict between groups of all kinds is commonplace in our world.
From small-scale rivalries between clans and families, to ongoing
cases of centuries-old interethnic violence, intergroup conflict
disrupts lives and often threatens the stability of entire
regions.    Despite widespread recognition of the costs of conflict
between groups, many people feel powerless to prevent it.  This
course will examine how conflict between groups begins, and why
intergroup conflict is sometimes resolved peacefully, but spirals
out of control at other times.  Readings for the course blend social
science analysis drawn from books and journal articles in sociology
and related fields with journalistic and historical accounts of
conflict from a range of places and time periods.  Students are
expected to actively participate in group discussions, as well as
develop their own arguments about group conflict through written
essays and case study research.