Sociology | Topics in Social Psychology: Race, Class, and Gender (3 CR)
S431 | 12760 | Eder

9:30AM-10:45AM	TR	SY 103

Obtain on-line authorization for above class from advisor in BH 749

Above class is a service learning course

This course will examine the influence of gender, race, and class
from a perspective of culture and power.  We will look at the
interlinkages between these different social identities, showing,
for example, that gender has a different impact depending on one’s
race. We will be considering a range of racial and ethnic identities
including African-American, Asian-American, Native American, Latino,
and White.

The course will begin with an examination of gender identities as
they vary by race.  We will look at gender as it relates to family
dynamics, appearance, and sexuality. We will then examine the nature
of social class dynamics, looking at the shaping of middle-class
culture as well as working-class culture. Here are focus will be on
the role of involvement in extra-curricular activities and of family

In the second half of the course we will examine constructions of
identity and racial dynamics, focusing in more depth on racial and
ethnic identities. We will consider different conceptions of
whiteness and then turn to racial dynamics within schools.  This
will be followed by examining racial dynamics in media and
storytelling.  We will then turn to recent societal trends in racial
dynamics such as honorary whites, color-blind racism and Asian-
American ethnic movements. The last part of this section will focus
on social change and new forms of empowerment.

Required course readings include the following-

Unequal Childoods by Annette Lareau
Readings on Oncourse

Course Requirements
Students are expected to do all the readings before coming to class
and to participate actively in discussions. One reflection paper
will be required in which you will be asked to expand on your ideas
and thoughts regarding the discussion and readings on a topic
(reflection questions will be distributed later.) This paper should
be 2-3 typed pages in length. Students will also be required to do a
research or service learning project. The research project will
involve original data collection in the form of interviewing or
content analysis of media.  One option is to interview people about
their experiences with regard to education, beauty messages, racial
dynamics on campus, or sexual perspectives.  Another option would be
to examine gender, race, and/or class messages in some type of media
(TV, movies, magazines, cartoons, music, graffiti, etc.).  Group
projects consisting of 2-3 students are encouraged. The second
choice for the major project is a service learning project. Here you
would do volunteer work with an agency that relates to our course.
Options include Girls, Inc., Middle Way, Banneker Center (serving
African-American youth), and the Shalom Center for the homeless.
This project also involves keeping a journal and writing a final
report. Short presentations of the final papers will be made during
the last week of class. (Papers from group projects will be given a
collective grade unless separate grades are requested.)  Finally,
there will be two in-class exams, each consisting of 2-3 essay
questions.  Review questions will be distributed prior to each exam.