Sociology | Sociological Research Pract I: Topic: Constructing The Family (3 CR)
S491 | 10103 | Powell

Obtain on-line authorization for above class from advisor in BH 749

Above class meets with Soc-S 566 and S 660

*This S491 does have a summer interviewing requirement*

Obtain on-line authorization for above class from department

Above class meets with SOC-S 660 and S 566

S491 and S566 (the 2009-10 Sociological Research Practicum)focus on
issues in family sociology.  The primary goal of this course is to
prepare students to do a piece of their own original research,
either in family sociology or in a related area.  This SRP will make
available to students several existing U.S. and international data
sets that can be used to navigate a diverse set of questions about
family, as well about other groups and/or social institutions. It
also will introduce experimental methods that can be used to examine
public opinion regarding family topics. We also are planning an
original data collection effort in which adults will be interviewed
on the conceptualization of “family,” among other topics.  Students
enrolled in S491 or S566 are required to participate in the
interviewing that begins in the summer. For more information about
the course, please contact Brian Powell