Sociology | Introduction to Social Organization (3 CR)
S510 | 10718 | Bartley

3:35PM-5:30PM	W	S7 100

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Charles Perrow has argued that we live in a “society of
organizations,” in which an increasing amount of social life is
accomplished by or through organizations.  Following Perrow’s lead,
this course will link organizational questions to a wide array of
topics in sociology, including inequality, culture, politics,
globalization, education, health, and economic processes.  To do so,
we will consider “organization” not only as a noun (i.e., formal
organizations like corporations, nonprofits, social movements, and
states) but also as a process (i.e., a set of dynamics by which
social life becomes organized or structured around particular
principles).  The course seeks to provide a set of tools for
understanding and doing sociology that are applicable across a
number of subfields.  Therefore, in addition to developing an
organizational lens on social life, we will think about more general
theoretical and methodological issues, like what makes a good
question and convincing answer, how theory and data are connected in
various traditions and styles of work, and how one might
conceptualize relationships between micro, meso, and macro levels of