Sociology | Stat Techniques in Sociology I (3 CR)
S554 | 10108 | Brooks

1:00PM-2:15PM	TR	PY 115

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10109	4:00PM-6:00PM	TR	BH 308

This is the first semester of the two-course sequence in social
statistics required of graduate students in Sociology. This course
takes a systematic approach to the exposition of the general linear
model for continuous dependent variables; the second semester course
covers nonlinear regression models for categorical and limited
dependent variables. In addition to laying the theoretical
foundations for future social science research, this course
introduces students to the use of computerized statistical analysis
using the software program Stata. Students are encouraged to think
creatively about how to use statistical methods in their own
research. Students meet twice each week for a 75 minute lecture on
statistical fundamentals, theory, applications, and topics. Students
are also required to attend two-hour lab sessions after each
lecture. The labs focus on computing methods and data analysis
techniques. The prerequisite for this course is at least one
statistics course at the level of S250, the undergraduate course
required of Sociology majors. There are no mathematics
prerequisites. Students are not expected to have a background in
calculus, but facility with algebra and exposure to the rudiments of
statistical distribution theory and hypothesis testing is expected.