Sociology | Topics in Quantitative Sociology: Longitudinal and Panel Data Analysis (3 CR)
S651 | 25967 | McManus

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This special topics course addresses statistical techniques for the
analysis of repeat observations over time.  This is an applied
course that draws on a range of models from various social science
disciplines, all with relevance to applications in sociology. The
course begins with an overview of alternative approaches to
longitudinal data, a review of econometric approaches to the linear
regression model for continuous dependent variables, a brief review
of the generalized linear model, and an overview of multilevel
models. Topics include (1) error components and dynamic panel
models, (2) cross-section time-series models, (3) mixed models for
growth curve analysis, and (4) as time permits, nonlinear models
TBA. The emphasis throughout is on continuous outcomes, with cursory
attention to nonlinear models. Prerequisities: Students are expected
to have completed two graduate-level courses covering regression
models for continuous and discrete outcomes, and they should be
familiar with matrix algebra.