Sociology | Advanced Topics: Sociology of Culture (3 CR)
S660 | 25968 | Steensland

11:15AM-1:10PM	M	S7 100

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“Culture” is a notoriously multifaceted concept. So it stands to
reason that the “sociology of culture” encompasses diverse topics,
concepts, explanatory perspectives, and methodological approaches.
Despite this diversity, what unites most genres of cultural
sociology is the central place they give the symbolic-expressive
dimension of social life. Put most simply, the focus in cultural
sociology revolves around the problem of meaning.

The first third of the course will provide an overview of the
sociology of culture, which will involve reading classic theoretical
statements, contemporary extensions, and empirical exemplars. It
will also examine a few recent debates. The course will then shift
to research on the sociology of knowledge, research on the
production and reception of culture, and analytic and empirical
examinations of meaning. Throughout the semester, the focus will be
more on macro-level meaning systems than on cultural processes at
the individual level. Many of the substantive examples will be drawn
from research on religion, politics, and economics.

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