Telecommunications | The Videogame Industry
T260 | 11458 | Castronova, E

The videogame industry is growing by leaps and bounds and is
becoming a major employer of programmers, artists, writers, and
designers. This course introduces students of all stripes, from
painters to coders and everything in-between, to the ins and outs of
this industry. In lectures and books, we will examine the companies
that make games and the processes they use to make them and sell
them. In a semester-long hands-on learning exercise, students will
play a game that teaches them how to set up and run their own game
development business. Students will exit the course with theoretical
and practical knowledge about the videogame industry, knowledge that
will help them get started on the track to leadership careers in
interactive media production.

This course counts toward Social and Historical Studies distribution
requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences. It may, or may
not, also count toward other degree requirements. For more
information about which requirements this course could fulfill see
the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin at
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