Telecommunications | Politics and the Media
T312 | 26540 | Bucy, E

T312: Politics & the Media examines the role of the press in the
political process, focusing on the sometimes contentious
relationships between media and political actors and institutions.
The course is structured around three topical themes corresponding
to the three key players influencing political events in our media
age: the media, the public, and the political sphere. The first
theme of the course examines the scope and contours of the political
media landscape, including both “free” (news) and “paid”
(advertising) media, the rise of new media formats, and media
effects on voters/audiences. The second theme focuses on how media
and political processes are organized, the central role that media
now play in elections, and how media both socialize and influence
political audiences. The third theme explores different forms of
political information, including news visuals, political
entertainment, and national security news, as well as how
politicians devise media strategies to make the news and maintain
popularity. Although our primary focus will be on the contemporary
political scene, the course will also examine recent and historical
transformations to the press in America and how changes in the
political process have provided an increased role for the media over
the past several decades. Prerequisite: T205: Introduction to Media
& Society.

1:00PM - 2:15PM MW

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