Telecommunications | Sound Design
T369 | 16401 | Bucksbarg, A

T369 Sound Design

T369 is an introduction to sound design for moving images and
interactive media.  Our focus is to create compelling sound designs
with a focus on creativity and developing the ear.  Designing great
sounds takes a lot of practice, but it begins by LISTENING to sounds
and environments and thinking about how you can use sound
expressively to create dramatic intensity, emotional participation
and interaction.
Good sound designs will help us SEE, FEEL and INTERACT with content.

This is a project based course on sound design for animation,
film,video and interactive projects, such as websites and games,
from creative,practical/technical and conceptual perspectives.  You
will learn to record, manipulate and mix you own samples using
industry standard tools such as Protools, as well as interactive
sound using Pure Data and Adobe Flash.  You will investigate sound
design techniques and explore how sound works with the visual for
emotional impact by creating sound designs for projects like
animations, motion graphics, games, interfaces, video and more.

Practice how to extend your media communication further with the
interplay of sound and image!

Class meets: 12:00pm - 1:45pm TR

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