Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in Design & Production
T452 | 13355 | Herber, N

11:15AM-2:15PM W

Scoring for Media offers a practical introduction to music for
video, film, games, and new media. The course will provide students
the opportunity to work with music for media and step into the post-
production role of composer or producer. General musical knowledge,
music theory, or experience with an instrument are helpful but not
required. This course will focus on making music with pre-recorded
assets and instruments, and then incorporating that music into a
variety of traditional and new media productions. Students
interested to work on original compositions will be encouraged to do
so. "Scoring for Media" is offered as a complement to T369 "Sound
Design" and T353 "Audio Production." It overlaps with these in their
focus on sound, but aims to address concerns of narrative flow,
mood, and character development through musical underscoring.

Prerequisites: T283 or T284 are required; T369 and T353 are strongly
recommended but not essential.