Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in Industry & Management
T453 | 13356 | Deuze, M

TEL-T 453: Music and Recording Industry
Class Number 13356
11:15am-12:30pm TR

The media industries are changing: their business models, their
management styles, even their creative processes. As the largest
media industry in terms of revenue and global reach, the music and
recording industry is a perfect case study to help us understand
what exactly is happening.

At the heart of all these changes is a shift in thinking about
production and consumption of media. Policymakers and scholars call
this a shift in thinking about media as "cultural" industries
(making and distribution culture), to an notion of media
as "creative"

The significance of looking at media as "creative industries" is
learning to understand that everything individuals do with media as
potentially creative, and potentially commercial. In the music
industry this for example means: bands like Radiohead and Nine Inch
Nails giving away their music for free; labels like Sellaband
allowing fans to determine what bands get a recording deal;
consumers determining the success of bands by writing audioblogs;
and artists connecting with their fans not via the music press or PR
professionals but directly using their MySpace page.

In T453 we will not only learn about how the music industry is
changing - we will do it ourself. Students will assume the
responsibility for managing local rock/pop/metal/rap acts for the
semester, and organize a joint concert in collaboration with the
local nonprofit Rhino's Youth Center and All-Ages Music Club in
downtown Bloomington. This course is not just ideal for those
interested in working in the music and recording industry - it is
perfect for anyone fascinated with what it is like to work in the
media today.

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