Telecommunications | Special Projects in Telecommuncations
T540 | 13357 | Sheldon, L


Description of the course: Students will learn the design elements,
study the technologies involved and production requirements
necessary to create and run cutting edge alternate reality games
(ARGs). ARGs take place in the real world in real time. They are
usually crossmedia narratives that are unveiled by players as each
game progresses through puzzles, riddles, fictional websites,
tweeting, geo-caching, staged events, live actors and much more.
They can be as short as a few minutes or months long. We will
explore everything from the most well known of these such as The
Beast and i love bees to games recently run by the instructor on the
IU campus to smaller games running all over the world. Because Since
narrative is a main feature of ARGs, there will be a strong emphasis
on practical new media storytelling.

Course format: The class itself will have elements of alternate
reality games embedded within it. Assignments include student
presentations, quizzes and written work. The final class project
will be a complete design that can be used to run a full-fledged
alternate reality game.

Grading procedure: Grading is rigorous, based on attendance, class
participation, written assignments, quizzes and a polished finished
game design.

Required text: Character Development and Storytelling for Games by
Lee Sheldon. The text will be supplemented by topic-specific
writings on alternate reality games.