Telecommunications | Communication, Technology and Society
T551 | 26546 | Sawhney, H

Instead of an expansive or horizontal survey of the literature,
which is usually the approach for a course of this type, I will be
adopting a layered / lineage / vertical approach.  For instance, we
will start with a cluster of recent publications on communication
and information technologies that have a technocratic flavor and
then work our way through the layers, including works of Frederick
Taylor, to the original writings of Saint-Simon.  We will do the
same in the case of Marxist, feminist, and post-modern writings on
communication and information technologies.  I am in the process of
developing the course and therefore at this point do not have a fix
on all the seminal thinkers that will be covered.  The course will
be built around 5 or so modules, each anchored on a seminal thinker.

5:45pm-8:30pm Thursdays