American Studies | Comparative American Identities
A200 | 13680 | Gano, G

Spring 11

Instructor: G. Gano

Course meets with LATS-L200

Borderlands Narratives: Narratives are stories: stories we hear,
stories we tell others, stories we tell ourselves.  Sometimes these
stories are old ones, and may sound familiar.  Sometimes these
stories are brand new; stories that have emerged in our own
lifetimes.  The stories we will discuss in this class are stories of
and about the Mexican-U.S. borderlands, that frontier zone in which
people live, work, and play.  Together, we will examine the distinct
culture and aesthetic of this borderlands.  In this course students
will explore cultural texts—- primarily literature and film—as we
consider how national, social, and political identities have been
constructed by the many peoples who inhabit the region.